At the end of 2013, drive-in theaters were forced to convert to digital projection. Honda didn’t want to see this important piece of car culture disappear, so we helped spark a national movement.
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At the end of 2013, the majority of American drive-ins faced closure with the movie industry’s switch from film to digital. Watch our first video to see why the $80,000 upgrade to digital projection threatens so many drive-ins.

In less than a year, we've saved 10 drive-ins directly, and another 17 have been saved as a result of the publicity around this cause. Here are 2 things you can do right now to help save even more. Let’s preserve this iconic part of American car culture

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Time is running out for the drive-in. With a little help from you, this classic part of Americana can be preserved.

Popup Up Drive-in Tour

In 2013, Honda visitors experienced drive-in movies at dealerships, brought to them by Honda and Sony Pictures. Cities and towns across the U.S. featured free screenings of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and complimentary refreshments—that’s right, even popcorn