Erwin's Comet Drive-In

Erwin's Comet Drive-In

Hwy 119 Connellsville, PA 15425

The Comet Drive-In opened in 1950 and operated as a one screen drive-in for 37 years.  The Drive-In was then closed in 1987 with just the Sunday morning flea market operating.  After the Drive-In was closed for 6 years, Brian J. Erwin purchased the existing property in the spring of 1994 with the sole intention of re-opening the Drive-In.  The first movies were “Beethoven’s 2nd” and “Jurassic Park”, which was shown on a star filled Friday night in May of 1994 on the original screen tower which was sandblasted and newly painted.  The customers loved having a Drive-In back in town to be able to come out for a night of movies with their families. In 1995, the second screen was erected, and both screens have remained showing movies 7 days a week.  Drive-In nights run from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The Drive-in operates on FM stereo for sound.  We have recently repainted screen one and the concession stand was given a new coat of paint also.So, it is now that we ask our customers for their help in keeping this Drive-In operating.  Please help keep your Comet Drive-In alive with movies and that wonderful aroma of popcorn popping under the stars for many, many years to come.Save our Comet Drive-In and vote for us.

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