Northern Nights Drive-in

Northern Nights Drive-in

51 Causeway Street Lancaster, NH 03584

Northern Nights Drive-In Owner/Operators Ray and Annette Dubreuil

This new Drive-In was constructed in 2008 after many years of preparation. It was built by scratch. Some of the projection equipment was purchased from the closed down Woodsville Drive-In, Woodsville NH. The screen was a creation by Ray, made of PVC canvas and attached to telephone poles by strapping, so if need be it can be rolled down for upgrades/weather. We have a walk up snack bar window that offers many HOMEMADE affordable foods as this theater was created to give back to the surrounding communities. With the economy he wanted people to be able to afford a night out without breaking the bank.  He wanted a place for families and friends to go to make wonderful memories. He was raised as a hard worker, working on his parents farm and then the once famous "DUBREUILS Roller Skating Rink/Dance Hall. After his parents passed away he knew he wanted to create a business that people would enjoy as much as his parents and suddenly the thought "Drive-In" came to mind. He had the property but he had to just clean it up because the parcel consisted of a old dead end road junk yard. Over the years the parcel was cleaned up to be a beautiful grassy lot which now is the home of Northern Nights Drive-In. He wanted to add to the Drive-In experience so he added Camping and a Movie, which is a hit to the locals/tourists. You pull in, set up your site, which has a fire pit and what a better way to spend your evening, movies under the stars surrounded by a glowing fire-pit, children running around in their pj's and after the first movie its nitey nite time for the children and then the grown ups can spend the rest of the evening watching the second movie.

Very cozy. Unfortunately with the switching from 35mm to digital coming around the corner many businesses are forced to close because they cant afford the upgrade. so we ask if you could please vote for our beautiful theater located in Northern NH in the "heart of the white mountains" so we might become one of the lucky ones to save our theater. We both still work full time at their day jobs and running the theater is not what we consider work, we love seeing all the smiles and receiving thank you's for making memories for other peoples families. We saw this contest and realize we live in such a small location BUT are very optimistic that maybe we might win.Our heart and soul is in this business and we hate to see the nostalgia of this business have to end. Again, its not about the money, its about having a place for families and friends to gather and make beautiful memories.......

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