Pleasant Valley Drive-in Theater

Pleasant Valley Drive-in Theater

47 W. River Rd. Pleasant Valley, CT 06063

    The Pleasant Valley Drive-In Theater has been in continuous operation since 1947.  Tim & Donna McGrane have owned and operated the theater for the past 18 years.  We plan on keeping the theater in they family and running for as long as our loyal customers continue to bring their family and friends or they stop making 35mm film. The theater is located on a 3 acre grass field surrounded by towering pines and adjacent to the Framington River.  Our 250 car lot is as quaint as they come.  Our buildings are all original except for the ticket booth and our projectors, "Castor" and "Pollack".  Our beasts are Brenkert BX60 carbon arc projectors which the original owners bought at auction in Boston in 1947 as they were coming off of a World War 2 Navy ship. 

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