Blue Moonlight Drive-in

Blue Moonlight Drive-in

2875 West Main St Galesburg, IL 61401

In 1947 the Galesburg Drive-in opened providing family entertainment & enjoyment for Galesburg & surrounding communites, situated on edge of town and just a short drive from Peoria & Quad Cities, Illinois, along with Burlington,IA. In 1980 the drive-in closed. Purchased in 1985 by Ron Carlson, after much restoration, the drive-in reopened as The Blue Moon Drive-In, in 2005. Playing two movies per night on the origional giant 105 foot wide & 98 foot tall 3 story double wall block building screen, this being only one still operating of the 3 origionally built in North America. The Blue Moon Drive-in is to keep nostaligia of the golden age of Drive-ins alive for future generations.

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