Randall Drive-In

Randall Drive-In

36 Bethel Dr Bethel, VT 05032

Nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont lies the Randall Drive-In Theatre, one of the world's smallest remaining drive-ins. celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year, the theatre was built literally in Al Randall's back yard in 1954. What started out as a small 200 car drive-in turned into an even smaller 150 car drive-in after Hurricane Ida caused the White River to wash away part of the theatre's back field in 2009. A quintessential example of a true drive-in experience, the Randall boasts an all grass field and is bordered by trees on all sides. The theatre is run as a community theatre with a volunteer staff and has been serving as a vital part of the local community giving area residents of Vermont affordable family entertainment all summer long.Taken over by two long time patrons in 2013, the Randall Drive-In is having a renaissance season with record attendance including numerous sellout nights. However, due to the very short New England season and the limited field capacity, the Randall currently has no means or plans to convert to digital. Our rural setting, short season, and field capacity make us ideal candidates for a Digital Projector from Project Drive-In.

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