Holiday Drive-in Rockport

Holiday Drive-in Rockport

644 N. Hwy. 161 Rockport, IN 47635

Families have been coming to the Holiday Drive-In since 1955. The Holiday Drive-in is located in beautiful southern Indiana, Just 3 miles West of Rockport, 30 miles East of Evansville Indiana and 10 miles North of Owensboro Kentucky, in a little town called Reo Indiana. Darrell Moseley bought the one screen drive-in in 1979, it is family owned and operated. As attendance grew he added more screend and today the Holiday Drive-In has 5 screens and two concession stands. Drive-In movie fand drive 10 mintes to an hour to watch two movies under the stars at the Holiday. Winning a digital system would help greatly with the cost of changing 5 screens to digital. Vote for the Holiday Drive-IN in Rockport/Reo Indiana and keep drive-in movie fans coming back generation after generation.

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