Wilderness Outdoor Drive-in

Wilderness Outdoor Drive-in

217 Old Hales Gap Rd  Trenton, GA 30752

The Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater is a family owned and operated business. Located 15 minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee and surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature it is different from any other drive in theater. Wilderness is unique; it provides a park setting for families to come early and play with their children and friends! Imagine- immaculate facilities located in nature, mosquito free, where people can play for several hours then choose… Do they want to watch movies from their car or from the manicured hillside where social groups such as churches, scout groups, etc. sometimes bring tents and spend the night after the movies? Wilderness is not just a movie outing, it is an evening event for the whole family! We may only be 8 years old, but we would love your help to get us to 80 years old!!