8 Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger (Reviews) in 2020

8 Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger (Reviews) in 2020

best overall

Belltech 8000 Ford Ranger Shocks

  • With a Valve Train
  • Quality rubber mounts
  • Long lasting durability
premium choice

Gabriel 43167 Ford Ranger Shocks

  • Dual system support
  • Durable
  • Additional load capacity
great value

Skyjacker B8560 Ford Ranger Shocks

  • Multi-stage valving
  • Twin tube construction
  • Foam cell technology

Shock absorbers, also commonly known as just shocks, are an important component of your vehicle. It is because of these shock absorbers that your vehicle is able to pass smoothly over bumps and potholes on the road. Even if you are driving off-road, your shock absorbers play a pivotal role in making sure that your vehicle is safe from shakes and bounces. If you own a Ford Ranger, we can assume that you are satisfied with its stock shock absorbers. This model has superior suspension and shocks. However, regardless of how good the shocks were when you first brought the truck; there will come a time you will need a replacement.

The original shocks, as good as they are, might not give you decent performance once they are depreciated beyond repair. In such cases, your car will rattle a lot more than usual, and you will also face the dreaded impact of all bumps and breakers on the road. To make sure that your vehicle returns back to its former glory, you will have to equip your car with the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4. To help make this transition easier for you, we have mentioned 8 of the best shock absorbers meant for your vehicle below. These shock absorbers will significantly improve the performance of your suspension system while giving you full control over the steering.

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best overall

1. Belltech 8000 Ford Ranger Shocks

Belltech is a subsidiary of KW Automotives and these shocks are part of their line of products. This Belltech 8000 Shocks suits Ford Ranger cars and has optimal performance. The cavitation-free valve train present inside these shocks helps makes sure that air does not reduce the effectiveness of the absorbers. The effective dust boot also ensures that the shocks remain clear at all times and won’t be affected by grime and dirt.

These shocks are designed for fitting inside the Ford Ranger and come with excellent internal and external construction. All of the rubber mounts boast of OEM construction and will last you for a decent period of time.

Why We Like It
  • Come with a Valve Train that is free from cavitation
  • OEM quality rubber mounts
  • Have long lasting durability
  • Will serve your car for a long time
Our Verdict

We believe that these shock absorbers by Belltech are the best in the market for your Ford Ranger. They help give your vehicle the smoothness you crave and allow you to drive easily.

Editor Rating

premium choice

2. Gabriel 43167 Ford Ranger Shocks

These Gabriel 43167 Ford Ranger Shocks come with the best possible technology and support. The shocks happen to have advanced support technology that utilizes both shock and spring resistance to give you a smoother ride with heavy loads in the back. Its design ensures that the ride height and comfort are provided at all times. These shocks provide premium performance at affordable rates, as they boast amazing features and quality materials.

The rear springs are particularly tough, as each pair can provide support of 500 lbs. Just like some of the other shocks in the market, these shocks will also take their time to ease out. Your drive will be a bit stiff for a few days after installation. Towing trucks and Ford Ranger trucks with weight on the back can particularly benefit from these shocks.

Why We Like It

  • Offer dual system support that ensures a smooth ride
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Additional load capacity comes with rear shocks
  • Effective and reliable

Our Verdict

We believe that these shocks give you the kind of support you are looking for your Ford Ranger. Anyone who needs to lift the ride height and give some extra support to their truck should go for these shocks.

Editor Rating​

great value

3. Skyjacker B8560 Ford Ranger Shocks

The Skyjacker B8560 Ford Ranger Shocks can provide superior quality and performance. These shocks come built with advanced foam-cell technology that will meet the needs of almost all Ford Ranger drivers. Your Ford Ranger deserves the best shocks. These shocks can give you just the kind of experience you are looking for. The multi-stage valving is a decent addition within the design as it offers an incredibly comfortable and smooth ride. The greater fluid capacity present inside these shocks also does a good job to dissipate heat.

The shocks have high strength mounts with 180 degrees directional mounting welded to near perfection.

Why We Like It
  • Come with specific multi-stage valving for Ford Ranger
  • Chrome shaft comes with twin tube construction
  • These shocks offer foam cell technology
  • 180 degrees directional mounting
Our Verdict

We believe these shocks are perfect for your Ford Ranger with the twin-tube design that can work magic on your vehicle. The chrome-plated finishing also does a decent job at keeping wear and tear away.

Editor Rating


4. Belltech 10103I Ford Ranger Shocks

This is another superb offering by Bellshock designed for the Ford Ranger models. These Belltech 10103I Shocks are perfect fits to trucks of Ford Ranger’s quality and fit nicely on the older models. The oversized construction on these shocks helps provide fancy damping control that makes these shocks the best out of the lot offered by Bellshock.

Since these shocks are specifically made for your Ford Ranger, they will easily fit inside the vehicle. They work well with the overall suspension system inside your Ford Ranger to give optimal results.

Why We Like It
  • Come with vehicle specific fittings
  • Have decent oversized construction for bigger trucks
  • Have enhanced damping control that offers a smoother and better ride
  • Durable manufacturing
Our Verdict

These shocks will offer you smooth and painless riding experience. The shocks keep all kinds of bumps and breakers at bay and make sure that you can ride smoothly inside. The adaptability of the product makes sure that you can enjoy smoothness on city roads as well as off-road tracks. The performance is consistent in all environments.

Editor Rating


5. Superlift 85150 Shocks for Ford Ranger

The Superlift 85150 Shocks suit perfectly Ford Ranger owners that want to lift their truck up a bit. These shocks add a lot of oomph and swagger into your vehicle and make sure that it lives true to its name on the roads. The Ford Ranger is one of Ford’s most powerful trucks, which is why the parts and components inside should be of the same stature. These shocks give you the best of both worlds; high suspension and a smooth driving.

Vehicles with higher road clearance usually have poor suspension. However, these suspensions give you the best of both. The 10-stage valving system does a good job of exerting control over the ride and keeping you in charge.

Why We Like It
  • 10-stage valving system that comes with velocity sensitive feature
  • Optimized for a 12 inches lift
  • Smooth ride for lifted trucks
  • Optimized for all kinds of traveling
Our Verdict

Installing these shocks on your Ford Ranger will surely help you rest assured knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. The shocks happen to have a durable build and will last you long.

Editor Rating


6. Bilstein 24-188258 Ford Ranger Shocks

Not only these shocks are cost-effective, but they also suit your Ford Ranger. The Bilstein 24-188258 Ford Ranger Shocks offer an awesome driving experience and keep all kinds of wear and tear at bay. These shocks are extremely easy to mount inside the older models of the Ford Ranger and give an excellent ride. These shocks offer superb quality that will last for as long as you want. They are perfect for all kinds of off-road and on-road traveling experiences.

Customers who have experienced these shocks sing songs of their durability and how the shocks can function for as long as you want. Even after thousands of miles of travel distance, these shocks will still give you good control and smoothness on the road.

Why We Like It
  • Come with a sturdy design
  • Respected manufacturer
  • Are affordable and cost effective
  • Smooth driving experience
Our Verdict

We do recommend these shocks to our readers because of their decent reviews and affordable price tag. They are also easy to install and will keep your vehicle safe for the time to come.

Editor Rating


7. ACDelco 580-1091 Shocks for Ford Ranger

What not many people know is that ACDelco is an original OEM brand and has been providing superb shocks to vehicle owners for well over a century now. Their shocks are in line with the latest technology in the industry and offer all the innovation you need. This ACDelco 580-1091 Shocks for Ford Ranger carry on the tradition of the manufacturers and offer good durability and sturdiness. This kit is perfect for replacing the original kit in your vehicle with something that is just as good.

Since they are made through original materials and quality processes, they provide the same performance, reliability and durability that you had come to expect from the shocks installed in your original vehicle.

Why We Like It
  • Recommended by General Motors
  • Form and functionality are the same as your original shocks
  • Smooth functioning
  • Manufacturers have been producing quality shocks for over a century now
Our Verdict

These shocks have the same fit, form and functionality of your original shocks and keep the bar high for consistent performance.

Editor Rating


8. Monroe 58640 Ford Ranger Shocks

These Monroe 58640 Ford Ranger Shocks are the final ones in our list and are known to provide excellent durability and performance. The comfort given by these shocks is second to none. These shocks have a sturdy built that not just keeps your vehicle safe while driving, but also helps reduce the bounces and oscillations that your vehicle goes through on a bumpy road.

These shocks give an enhanced performance to contribute to the overall driving experience of your vehicle. The Ford Ranger is an amazing vehicle to drive, which is why these shocks are already in good company. The all-weather fluid contains special modifiers that help restrict friction and give good rod reaction. The valving system is highly developed and automatically adjusts according to the road conditions you are driving on. The drive is fairly consistent and is in line with what you want.

Why We Like It
  • Automatically adjustable load that makes your vehicle more stable
  • All weather fluid inside reduces friction
  • Fluon band offers a perfect seal
  • High quality material
  • Durable
Our Verdict

We believe that these shocks come equipped with all the latest technology and offer a good bang for your buck. You should surely go with them if consistency is what you are looking for.

Editor Rating


Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger Buyer's Guide

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Shocks for Trucks

Since shock absorbers play a strategic role in your vehicle, it is necessary that you consider all things related to the purchase before buying one. A hasty purchase can prove detrimental in the long run when you realize that the shocks aren’t really meant for your vehicle.


The last thing you want is to purchase shock absorbers that aren’t meant for your vehicle or don’t fit inside your prized Ford Ranger. Well, if you are purchasing any from the products we have mentioned above, then you won’t encounter this

blue ford ranger with shocks in snow background

problem. However, if you do try to purchase some random shocks from the market, then the problem of compatibility can come up during the installation process. Remember that your installation process can become a lot more expensive if you haven’t checked the compatibility of your shock absorbers before buying them.


Shock absorbers are readily available in 4 common types. All of these types have their unique method of working, and we discuss them below:

Gas Shocks

Gas shock absorbers are filled with gas in the form of inert nitrogen. Smaller vehicles usually have these shock absorbers because of how they can handle frequencies bounces through the tires. These shocks happen to be the most versatile and affordable in the market.

Auto Level Control Shocks

These shock absorbers come with an automatic air pump to equally distribute weight across your vehicle. The equal distribution of weight across the vehicle, in turn, reduces the load over specific parts of your vehicle’s frames and allows you to drive in an even smoother manner. These shocks can be costly to purchase and are usually found in high luxury vehicles.

Heavy Duty Shocks

What these shocks do and what kind of use they are meant for is pretty visible from the name itself. These shocks are typically meant for vehicles that carry heavy loads. Almost all trailers, trucks and towing vehicles carry these shocks within them. These heavy load shocks can also be a preferable option for your Ford Ranger. However, you wouldn’t want to install these shocks inside sedans and coupes.

Overload Shocks

Overload shocks are also popularly known as coil-over shocks because they happen to have a spring coil wrapped all over the cylinder for these shocks. These shocks perform best in vehicles that are meant for off-road purposes. These shocks are also popularly used in vehicles for towing. You can also install these in your Ford Ranger for the best results.

Air Shocks

Air shocks help provide customers with double benefits. Besides just working as shock absorbers, these shocks also help achieve uniform distribution of weight. However, these shocks should be installed and adjusted manually in all cars. Someone who is familiar with the process should take up the responsibility as the process is complicated.

Service Life

The shocks you purchase should be worth the price that you pay for them. To make sure that you’re purchasing the right shocks, it is necessary that you consider the service life of the product you are buying.

If you buy the perfect shock absorbers for your car, they would suit you well in the long run and will give you decent performance. The better shock absorbers in the market come with thick pistons, a guarded shaft and stronger materials. The excellent quality of the manufacturing process and the materials used inside make sure that these shocks service you for the entirety of your car’s life.

On the flip side, poor quality shocks need replacement after every couple of years and might not give you the kind of consistency you are looking for. Such shocks aren’t meant for long term use and lack consistent, quality performance.


It is best that you consider the materials used in your shock absorbers before you buy them. The materials go a long way in deciding just how long your shocks would last, and whether you will need a replacement anytime soon. The materials also dictate the amount of money you spend on maintaining the shocks and getting them to give quality output. Some shocks in the market are made up of high-quality steel and come with chrome or zinc coating. Shocks that are made out of high-quality materials tend to last longer and justify their price tag that might sound a bit too expensive initially.

Smooth Functioning

A shock absorber that does not provide you and your vehicle the smoothness and safety you want on the roads is a waste of time and effort. There are going to be bumps and breakers on the road, and the best your shocks should do is safeguard your vehicle from constant rattling and bumping. You can read reviews from customers online to see shock absorbers that don’t provide effective and smooth functioning. Such shock absorbers are best avoided to save your money from going down the drain.


Finally, the price of the shock absorbers you’re buying is a consideration that you should always have in mind. You shouldn’t be spending too much on the absorbers, but it isn’t recommended to go for the cheapest product on the market. To make this process easier, you should find out how much you are willing and ready to spend. Having a fixed budget can give you the direction you need when deciding just how much you should pay for a pair of new shock absorbers in your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re ready to buy shock absorbers in the near future, then we expect you to have multiple questions related to how the process will phase out for you. Obviously, these questions need answering and we will try to answer them in this section.

Are Shock Absorbers Important in a Ford Ranger?

Shock absorbers are extremely important and your vehicle comes equipped with them. If you’re buying a car for the first time we expect you not to know much about how they work and the functions that they perform.

Shock absorbers are basically manufactured to help your car neutralize the impact of vibrations and bumps in your journey. If you are accustomed to driving your Ford Ranger on off-road tracks, you would know every bit about how the car goes smoothly through such tracks, despite the presence of huge bumps and breakers. This is because the Ford Ranger comes equipped with decent shock absorbers by the manufacturers. The manufacturers realize the needs customers might have and install the best possible system. Over time, this system might lose its durability and will not give you the kind of consistent performance that you expect. In such situations, it is best that you take out time and get the shocks replaced with one of the options that we have highlighted above. Shock absorbers are also responsible for enhancing the responsiveness and smoothness of your driving system. This makes it easier for you to steer the vehicle.

When should you Change Shock Absorbers in a Ford Ranger?

Usually, after your Ford Ranger has clocked 60,000 miles on the meter, your shocks will start to reach a stage of depreciation. This depreciation depends on the kind of tracks you have been driving on and how occasionally you have had your suspension system maintained by a professional. After the first 60,000 miles have been covered, you will witness a visible decrease in the quality of your ride on off-road tracks. This decrease in quality and smoothness is an indication that it is time for you to have your shocks repaired and go for new shocks in the market. While shocks do not fail after 60,000 miles, the pistons, valves, springs and rod present inside the shocks wear out after this distance and may not provide the kind of performance you expect from them anymore.

How to Check Ford Ranger Shocks?

You can check your shocks at home through a bounce-check. While an expert at a mechanic’s shop will tell you more about the condition of your shocks, you can also use this DIY approach. Go to the rear end of your vehicle, and try giving it a downward bump from behind. Step aside after you have put in the force and see how many times your vehicle ricochets up and down. If the movement is continued for 3 times or more, then your shocks need urgent repair.

Do Worn Out Shocks Impact Driving of a Ford Ranger?

Yes, worn-out shocks do impact driving in one way or the other. They can reduce smoothness on the road and can also reduce the driver’s control of the vehicle.

black ford ranger with shocks in building background

The Final Word

With the passage of time, your original shock absorbers might lose their durability and will not give you the kind of consistent performance you expect. In such situations, it is best that you take out time and get the shocks replaced with one of the options that we have highlighted above. To recall our top products, we mention them here.

The top pick: The Belltech 8000 Ford Ranger Shocks are perfectly designed to give your vehicle a much-needed boost on the roads.

The premium pick: Gabriel 43167 Ford Ranger Shocks come with a premium design and give you good, consistent performance.

The value pick: Get full value through the Skyjacker B8560 Ford Ranger Shocks. These shocks give good back for your buck and help you improve your car’s performance.

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