8 Best Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 4×4 and 2WD (Reviews) in 2020

best overall

Bilstein Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 4x4

  • Sturdy finish
  • Simple installation
  • Monotube design
premium choice

Rancho RS5251 RS5000 Series Shocks for Ford F150

  • Core glass
  • Smooth on-road
  • Low friction
great value

Bilstein 33256764 Shocks for Ford F150

  • Multi-layer zinc
  • Easy installation
  • Off-road feasibility

The Ford F150 truck is one of the most loved vehicles by Ford. People who have driven the vehicle would be able to narrate just how convenient it is to drive and how easily you can go from one place to another on it. The truck also has a beastly look and will give you just the kind of exuberance you expect from it. When it comes to driving the Ford F150, the suspension plays a major role in making the truck a treat to ride in. Today we will be discussing the shock absorbers present inside the Ford F150 in detail and will also be reviewing many of the options that you have in the market currently.

The shocks for the F150 (Super Crew or Ecoboost) are primarily responsible for complementing your suspension system and for absorbing the shocks that help keep your wheels firmly on the ground. The shocks play an integral part in ensuring a smooth drive and help your vehicle drive freely through bumpy roads. The Ford F150 happens to have a significant amount of weight, which is why it is necessary to keep the wheels firmly on the ground. Poor quality shocks will fall under the pressure that comes with the Ford F150 and won’t be able to survive for long. In this article, we look at some of the best aftermarket shocks for Ford F150 4×4 and 2WD.

View the Best Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 4x4 and 2WD

best overall

1. Bilstein Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 4x4

The Bilstein Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 4×4 is your perfect option when it comes to buying shock absorbers that don’t just fit inside your SUV or truck, but also give a good performance. These shock absorbers sit perfectly inside vehicles with a heavy load and give a superb performance under pressure. The monotube design is well suited for rough roads, and you will enjoy a perfect off-road experience with these shocks inside your car.

These shocks help your car in adjusting to the kind of roads you will be traveling on. The fade-free efficiency is a basic benefit of these shocks. Everyone with a Ford F150 wants superb road drive and amazing road grip from their vehicle. They want their vehicle to boss the roads and give as good a performance as possible. These shocks will sit perfectly with your needs, as they will give you just the kind of performance you are looking for.

These shocks do not just give you a good road grip but will also provide better control on the truck. You will be able to drive comfortably on any type of road. The front ride height adjustable kit gives you perfect customization, and the rear shock absorbers take the stress away from bumpy roads.

Why We Like It
  • The zinc-plated finish gives a sturdy feel to these shocks
  • Installation is simple due to the easy bolt-on design
  • Fits every truck easily without the use of force
  • Monotube design, which is suited well for off-road driving experiences
Our Verdict

The Bilstein 5100 is one of the best shock absorber kits in the market. You should ideally change all four of your shocks together to enjoy the best possible experience.

Editor Rating

premium choice

2. Rancho RS5251 RS5000 Series Shocks for Ford F150

These Rancho shock absorbers give optimal efficiency and are premium shocks with features you would just love. We just cannot list the number of reasons why you should buy these shocks. They have an amazing design and would give your Ford F150 the support it deserves.

When you buy a vehicle of Ford F150s stature, you want all of the parts within it to be top-notch. Even if just one of the parts isn’t working well, your whole vehicle will lose its charms.

The best thing about these Rancho shocks is that they come with a ten-stage valve system which is sensitive to velocity. The shocks also have a good diameter of 16mm around the piston ring. This adds to the premium aspect of the shocks and your vehicle.

Why We Like It

  • Comes with a rebounded bumper
  • The piston is filled to the core with glass
  • Good for off-road and provides a smooth on-road performance
  • Low friction

Our Verdict

These shocks come with premium design to help you conserve on all lubricants and oil placed inside. The additional rubber seal gives premium protection. The shocks are perfect for your vehicle and will help it in standing out.

Editor Rating​

great value

3. Bilstein 33256764 Shocks for Ford F150

The Bilstein 33256764 Shocks for Ford F150 is the first one on our list to use gas technology for shock absorption. These shocks maintain their performance over time and are worth buying for your SUV or your truck. The monotube design is another plus and will give your vehicle a good grip on off-road trips.

These shocks offer additional flexibility with adjustable height as well and make sure that your car gives the performance you deserve. These shocks also come with additional zinc coating to keep away rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion can both damage your shocks, as they take over the exterior and destroy the sturdiness of the exterior. These shocks measure 17.52 when compressed, and go up to 28.74 when extended. This amazing flexibility helps give you the performance of a lifetime outside on roads.

Why We Like It
  • Comes with multi-layer zinc plating to save your shocks from rusting
  • Has an easy bolt-on design for installation
  • Can easily fit on to a wide variety of cars
  • Follows the monotube design for off-road feasibility
Our Verdict

These shocks are definitely worth buying. The gas technology ensures that the shocks do not foam and perform perfectly throughout use. Your vehicle can easily run through rough trails with these shocks.

Editor Rating


4. Detroit Aftermarket Axle Shocks for Ford F150

If you want shocks that are perfectly suited for 4×4 vehicles, then these are your shocks. The Detroit Aftermarket Axle Shocks for Ford F150 are perfect for bigger vehicles and will sit just fine inside your Ford F150 TRUCK. Most Ford owners want durability and longevity from the shocks they buy, and this set will give you just that.

All proud owners of the Ford F150 4×4 trucks now have shocks they can truly call fit for their vehicle. The design of these shocks is easy to install, and you will have no problem whatsoever in getting them installed. The installation guide is simple, and the strut kit is available with the shocks.

Since this is a complete assembly kit, you won’t just get the shocks but will get a lot more with them as well. The additional items make installation easier.

Why We Like It
  • Suited only for 4x4 models, hence perfect for your choice
  • Direct fit, no additional adjustment
  • Come with complete assembly
  • The bolt-on design is easy and simple
Our Verdict

These shocks are made to make your Ford F150 drive well on rough roads. Their easy installation process goes well with the smooth drive they offer to give you the shocks worth every buck you pay for them.

Editor Rating


5. SENSEN Full Set Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150

The SENSEN Full Set Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 is ideal for your vehicle and will give your truck the kind of shocks that are needed. These shocks provided by Sensen are charged with nitrogen gas and help give you a perfect experience.

All proud owners of the Ford F150 truck want their vehicle to boss the road without being too bumpy. Knowing just how powerful the Ford F150 truck can be, you need shocks that are up to the challenge. These shocks can rise to the challenge and will give you the perfect experience. The nitrogen gas-charged model for these shocks is convenient and durable in the long run.

Why We Like It
  • Built to OEM standards
  • Has a twin-tube design, which is good for smooth travel
  • Comes with shocks and struts
  • Has a nitrogen gas-charged model
Our Verdict

We believe these shocks go perfectly well with your Ford F150. They parallel the grandeur of your truck and give the precision and uniformity you want. The installation process is effortless and easy.

Editor Rating


6. Rancho Quick Lift Loaded Shocks for Ford F150

First, we would like to discuss the design of the Rancho Quick Lift Loaded Shocks for Ford F150. The shocks come with an amazing metallic finish, which adds to the aesthetics and durability. Since shocks function behind the picture, we won’t talk much about the aesthetics; however, durability is a plus.

The shocks guarantee you an extended period of protection from all elements, be it water, dirt, or whatnot. Additionally, the glossy finish also helps your shocks from eroding away. The monotube design is perfect for rough roads and gives a fade-free performance.

Why We Like It
  • The shocks are made through corrosion-resistant materials
  • Monotube design
  • Posses a diameter of over 2.75 inches
  • Made with a liquid metallic finish
Our Verdict

Glossy to look at, these shocks do much of the work behind the scenes in style. They function smoothly and provide good protection on rough roads because of their monotube design. The design helps with hauling overloads in your vehicle.

Editor Rating


7. Rough Country Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150

The Rough Country Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 is ideal for all car owners on a budget. This is the kind of thing you need if you want to speak quality without emptying your pockets. These Rough Country Shocks provide good bang for your buck and are easy to install. If you are the DIY type, you shouldn’t experience any problems getting these shocks installed.

Your ford car will lift by around 2 inches when you get these shocks installed. This is a complete kit and comes with everything, including the struts, shock absorbers for the front, and the rear tires of your Ford F150.

Why We Like It
  • This is a complete kit
  • Easy to install design
  • Resistant to corrosion of all forms
  • Affordable
Our Verdict

We believe that these shocks provide good quality at low rates. These are compatible with many models and can even be adjusted in Ford Raptor models. They are made for heavy-duty performance.

Editor Rating


8. Monroe Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150

The Monroe Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 are meant for use in all seasons at all times. The manufacturers have developed them for use across extreme weather. The special modifiers on the surface of these shocks help reduce the general friction that comes when your shocks are in motion.

The Fluon-banded piston deserves mention here, as it seals the piston and closes the pressure tube tightly. This extra protection improves the longevity of the shocks and gives better control to the driver.

These shocks are sold in pairs, which is why you can charge two of your shocks in one go. The shocks are manufactured for use across heavy-duty trucks as well.

Why We Like It
  • Have a piston banded with Fluon
  • Complete displaced valve
  • Fluid component
  • Durable
Our Verdict

We believe these shocks deliver good control and amazing smoothness on the road. You will feel better control as you drive over terrains. Good for all kinds of driving.

Editor Rating


You May Also Like For Your Ford F150

Aftermarket Shocks for Ford F150 Buyer's Guide

Things to Consider When Buying Shocks for Ford F150 4×4 and 2WD

ford f150 dark gray with light and shocks

Buying the best shocks for your Ford F150 from the market can be a pretty troublesome task. You have to evaluate multiple factors and have to make sure that you are eventually going for the most plausible one.

More than being cautious about your purchase, we believe that you need to be able to evaluate your options through the right factors. Someone buying shocks for the first time in their life would not be well versed with the technicalities in the market and the kind of shocks they should go with.

In this section, we focus on the things that can help you buy the best shocks in town. Mentioned below are some vital factors you should consider while buying shocks for your vehicle.

The Type of Shock

The first and perhaps the most important thing you should consider is the type of shock you are looking to buy. Interestingly, several varieties of shocks can work wonderfully well inside your Ford F150. However, the question arises whether your vehicle would function as smoothly as it does right now after these shocks are installed.

As an owner of one of the most powerful trucks around, you have to find shocks that suit your vehicle and your lifestyle. If we put a look at the type of shocks available in the market, then we will come across numerous varieties. For starters, we have automatic, gas, overload, standard, air, and heavy-duty shocks to choose from.

An average car driver would not know the relevant details about these different types of shocks. You can study the internet to know more about the details of these specific types of shocks, or can get in touch with your mechanic. Your mechanic will help guide you to the best shocks in the market and will make sure you are satisfied.

As a rule of thumb, you should go for heavy-duty shock absorbers within your Ford F150. The Ford F150, as we expect you to already know, is a heavy-duty truck, and many people use it for off-road traveling. You also ought to know the difference between monotube and twin-tube shocks. Monotube shocks are best suited for drivers who like taking their cars through rough roads, while the twin-tube shocks are suited for drivers who like the smoothness of on-road driving.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installing your new shocks within the vehicle should also be considered when buying the best aftermarket shocks for Ford F150 4×4. Most people who own a Ford F150 like handling repairs and replacements by themselves. They don’t like mechanics to mess with the mechanisms inside their vehicle, which is why they like to be in charge of things. If you want to be in charge of thinks and would be changing your shocks yourself, then you ought to take the ease of changing them into context as well.

Most shocks come with rather clear and precise directions over how you should change them up. These directions can help you easily install the shocks in the best manner possible. In some cases, customized, high-quality shocks require expert handling for their installation. In such cases, you are better paying an expert some money to look after the repair.

Material Used for Manufacturing

The material composition of your aftermarket shocks should also be taken into consideration for the best analysis. Aftermarket shocks are made out of a wide variety of materials. While some of these materials enhance the lifetime of your shocks, others happen to shorten the lifespan.

Call it by default, but shocks are mostly made out of aluminum or steel. Both of these materials are naturally durable and lend their durability to the shocks that are made out of them. Steel can be considered a bit more durable than aluminum, but aluminum is more lightweight, and that goes in its favor.

Any material other than steel or aluminum should be avoided. As far as corrosion or rust on the surface of the shocks is concerned, you should get it coated by a mechanic. Stainless steel does not require coating because it is already made to resist stains and rust.


It is good to have a budget on your hands and to make your purchase based on that budget. Have a set cap on the amount you are willing to spend on your shocks. Do not exceed that cap, as that would disrupt your budget. Through our experience, we would recommend you to go for quality rather than worrying about prices. Shocks that might cost you less right now will become a whole lot expensive through routine maintenance and repairs later. Do have a budget, but make sure you aren’t shopping for the cheapest shocks in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

ford f150 red with shocks in hill

Since this is one part of their vehicle most Ford F150 owners don’t know much about, we expect you to have a lot of questions. While we might not be able to answer them all, we will shed light on and will answer a few of these questions.

What are the Best Shocks for Ford F150 in the Market?

We believe our reviews above would give you a basic indication of the best shocks for Ford F150 in the market. The shocks we have mentioned here have gotten positive feedback from plenty of customers and are famously known for their amazing quality.

It is a tough job to handpick one shock from the many options present in the market, but we have done that as part of this article.

How long do Good Shocks Last?

Just like it was hard to categorically say which one of these shocks is the best, it is hard to suggest how long these shocks lost in general. The durability and longevity of the shocks in your vehicle are influenced by plenty of factors. Besides the material used by the owners in the manufacturing process and the quality of the parts used, many other factors influence the lifetime of your shocks. You would be interested to know that your driving style, the road type you usually drive on, the load that you carry in your vehicle, and the frequency of your traveling can influence the lifetime of your shocks.

If you are accustomed to driving on smooth trails and don’t head towards bumpy roads, then your shock absorbers will last for 10 years or more. However, driving on rough roads with potholes and extreme bumps can severely damage the lifetime of your shocks.

Keep inspecting your shocks when you are using them so that there aren’t any issues that escape your eyes. In case there is a problem, you should get your shocks changed as soon as you possibly can if you want the best performance from your car.

How Much Do Shocks for Ford F150 Cost?

Shocks for Ford F150 come in a variety of price ranges. The price is influenced by the range, model, and brand of the shocks you are buying. When you look at the price for shocks, you will find limitless variety in the market.

Different manufacturers offer different varieties of shocks at different prices. You can get a better idea of the price that is charged through our reviews above.

Do You Have to Change all 4 Shocks of Ford F150 Together?

There is no hard and fast rule that requires you to change all four shocks together. However, experts highly recommend replacing your shocks together, as it helps you in driving smoothly on uneven roads.

Even if you aren’t going to change all four of them together, you should try to change them two at one time. For instance, if you change your front shock, make sure that both of them are changed together. This will help guarantee the efficiency of the shocks you have changed.

The Final Word

Shock absorbers play an important role in assuring a smooth ride on your Ford F150. The shock absorbers inside your Ford F150 are primarily responsible for completing your suspension system and for absorbing the shocks that help keep your wheels firmly on the ground. The shocks play an integral part in ensuring a smooth drive and help your vehicle drive freely through bumpy roads

The top pick: The Bilstein 5100 is one of the top-most rated shock absorbers in the market. These absorbers are perfect for off-road drives and complement the style of your Ford F150.

The premium pick: The Rancho RS5251 RS5000 Series Shocks have a premium feel to them, owned much to their 10 stage pistons. The pistons improve performance and bring the best out of your vehicle on off-road drives.

The value pick: The Bilstein 33256764 is well priced for the features it offers. The shocks work on gas and have a corrosion coating that keeps rust away.

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